Unreleased AT&T Commercial featuring Future’s “You Deserve It”… Brilliant.

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Sony Bravia continues to kill the game.  Simple, no-bullshit idea.  The best example of what advertising can be.

My favorite spot ever, also for Bravia:

🐄+🍴=🙏  (at Peter Luger Steak House)

🐄+🍴=🙏 (at Peter Luger Steak House)

Fresh Off The Boat - NYC (Part 3)

Manhattan Chinatown - my favorite neighborhood in NYC.

Rick Ross/Kanye/Big Sean - Sanctified live on Arsenio

Rozay’s flow and voice is so consistent.  Can’t help but bob my head along to it.

The New York Knicks: It'€™s the Hope That Kills You in the End

The Knicks do not just lose, they explore the concept of losing. They are four games out of a playoff spot in the worst Eastern Conference in history. They have no draft pick in the best draft in a decade. Their coach either purposefully designed the worst possible defensive scheme for his team’s personnel, or his team just doesn’t listen to him. Their best player is entering unrestricted agency, and the team’s best hope for re-signing him is that perhaps he cares more about money than winning. The starting point guard very well may go to jail.”

Seth Rogen testifies in front of Senate for Alzheimer’s Research

Funny and for a great cause as my grandma had Alzheimer’s.  

"I’m here today for a few reasons: one, I’m a huge House of Cards fan."

My first introduction to Filipino food. 🔥🙏 (at Jeepney Filipino Gastropub)

My first introduction to Filipino food. 🔥🙏 (at Jeepney Filipino Gastropub)


Fresh Off The Boat - NYC (1/3)

Eddie hits up the Bronx and Washington Heights.  Shout out to the Dominican guy rocking the Jordan tank with the anti-theft tag still on!

I’m excited by this one, this should come second to only the China/Taiwan episodes.