Sony Bravia continues to kill the game.  Simple, no-bullshit idea.  The best example of what advertising can be.

My favorite spot ever, also for Bravia:

Monster University spot for Pixar’s upcoming “Monsters, Inc. 2”


The best advertising builds the world around the product/show.  

George Lois' 10 tips for success

My favorite one is #6:


I don’t care how talented you are. If you’re the kind of creative person who gets your best work produced—justifying and selling your work (to those around you, to your boss, to your client, to lawyers, to TV copy clearance, etc.) is what separates the sometimes good creative thinker from the consistently great one.

Fortune: Nike spent $800M on "nontraditional" advertising, nearly 33% of their $2.4B marketing budget

To adapt to their consumers’ behavior, Nike has shifted their marketing from top-down TV-focused mega media buys into digital efforts that allow for a social connection between their customers through Nike products.  

As Nike CEO Mark Parker explains, “Connecting used to be, ‘Here’s some product, and here’s some advertising. We hope you like it. Connecting today is a dialogue.”

Being a huge Nike-head from a product standpoint and a marketer by trade, no other company does more to re-imagine marketing campaigns at this large of a scale.  Nike’s ability to remain nimble and ahead of the curve is stunning considering their size as a public corporation.  

Siiick homepage takeover by Jeep, complete with a Wrangler running over Joe Paterno’s funeral.

I feel for that media planner, he/she had no clue that was gonna be the news.  


Agency Spy's Top 10 Reasons to Love Working in Advertising

By and large, absolutely true.

10. Business casual = pajamas

9. Get to continue ignoring all world’s problems

8. “Communications Degree” actually counts for something

7. A step above PR, stripping

6. Get to inventify words, wear flannel

5. Getting high at work somehow totally acceptable

4. Problem of how to make a lot of money for doing nothing, solved

3. Winning awards easier than in T-ball

2. Paid to look at internet all day

1. Make more money than your smart-ass dentist brother, until he gets out of dental school

Ashley Smith for Jalouse Magazine

"Lots of clicks, you know?"

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Kobe introduces “The Kobe System” to super successful people like Kanye, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Serena Williams.  And also Aziz Ansari, who Kobe deemed to have only arrived “by accident”.

Hilariously written and acted by all parties, especially Kobe.  This was likely filmed in between taking cortizone shots in his wrist and sodomizing random groupies.

Advertising Gets Good (Seriously)

2012 will be the beginning of a new era of advertising (she wrote hopefully). Besides the Orkin and Dos Equis “Most Interesting” men, the past few years in commercials has been a mostly plain-yogurt flavored bowl of offerings peppered with occasionally offensive gender stereotyping and the same five white guys who live in an apartment and keep getting intruded on by spokespeople summoned by sound effects. No longer! We should prepare to be offended and excited, and then further excited by how offended we are, and then even more offended by how excited we were to be offended in the first place (this will be a completely modern emotion; side effects will include an immediate sensation of sinus decongestion). The advertising arena will become more competitive (so I won’t have to spend an hour trying to find a screen-grab of the L’Oréal makeup advertisement misstep, “Now up to ten years disappear in a single stroke” — no thanks, I’ll keep the ten years and spend them in South Beach — other advertisers will have preserved it forever to degrade whatever agency was responsible), more artful, more interesting. Somewhere, a young Don Draper is out-Drapering the master. His time is nigh.

— Tess Lynch